Mobile App Development Services

Mobile applications development services at NEKLO aim to help our clients deliver the value of their services through iOS, Android, and cross-platform mobile app development solutions.

Turn to us to have a mobile app built from scratch. Additionally, we can help update the mobile APIs of the existing mobile architecture.

Apps and Mobility Are Key for Business Growth Today

The number of smartphone users worldwide has already surpassed 6 billion. To know your audience, stay closer to it, and continuously deliver value, businesses want to develop their mobility.

One of the best solutions is going for mobile app development services. Having a business mobile application is becoming a must for staying competitive.

Mobile application development services at NEKLO aim to help our clients make their businesses up-to-date. As you become able to communicate and provide your services through a mobile device, you automatically qualify as a trustworthy business.

Mobile App Development Solutions That Consistently Set Standards

We provide mobile app design and development services that are tailored to help businesses stand out from the competition.

Native iOS mobile app development

Clients turn to us to build robust iOS native apps. We’re great at developing using Swift. Deep knowledge of the iOS features and architecture allows us to deliver quality iPhone development services.

Cross-platform mobile app development

Along with native apps development services, we create cross-platform mobile app development solutions. Mostly, we apply React Native. A single cross‑platform code helps cut app development costs and speed up time‑to‑market.

Native Android mobile app development

Going for our Android mobile development services is your opportunity to get a mobile solution built on one of the most popular operating systems. NEKLO mobile developers take both Kotlin and Java projects.

PWA development for mobile

If your query is ‘fast and custom-made mobile application compatible with all platforms and operating systems’, we suggest progressive web app development services. Features and high-performance included.

Our Domain Expertise for Mobile Development Services

At NEKLO, we develop mobile app development solutions specified for the industry. See some of the types of app development solutions that are currently in demand in the market.

Online shopping apps

Mobile application development solutions for online shopping and ecommerce are becoming more relevant. eCommerce is one of the best areas for organizing retail sales nowadays.

Marketing mobile apps

Marketing apps and mobile business apps work as a powerful branding tool. A mobile app improves any marketing campaign aimed at winning loyalty.

Healthcare mobile apps

Healthcare institutions, local pharmacies, and medicine companies are increasingly hiring mobile application development service providers. IT offers great features.

Fashion & clothing apps

Mobile app development service is adopted in apparel production as an opportunity to provide the best customer service and customer experience.

Education mobile apps

A mobile app as a solution for learning provides a flexible way to study information and acquire new skills. Through any device and anywhere.

Finance mobile apps

Accounting and finance management become truly convenient, functional, and flexible if done through mobile app development solutions.

Apps for the energy sector

Energy-saving technologies packed in a mobile app help field experts facilitate the work. This matters for utility costs reduction and natural resource saving.

Lifestyle & social apps

One of the most popular areas in Android and iOS development services today is the development of lifestyle and social networking mobile applications.

Global Coverage

We provide our services and growth opportunities to the market globally. Customers of NEKLO come from the States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Benelux countries, a number of other European countries, Australia, Switzerland. “The heart” of NEKLO is located in the USA, California. Our development centers are based in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania) and Georgia.

We will be glad to work with you on your project.

Meet NEKLO as a Mobile App Services Provider

Build your competitive edge through a mobile solution with our custom mobile application development services company.

We work transparently

At the end of each week of your solution development workflow, you receive a result report. Working as your trusted mobile app development services company, we keep you updated.

We prioritize terms and agreements

For business, it becomes critical at times to get mobile application services delivered on time. We resolve any potential problems before the development kickoff to prevent delays.

We tailor mobile apps for your needs

We deliver mobile application development services for clients engaged in various industry domains and having diverse business needs.

We have over ten years of experience

Our team consists of over 40 talented experts with over a decade of experience in the field. Today, we can provide apps development services with the maximum benefit.

We provide individualized solutions

We do not normally use template services. Each mobile solution we create is unique in terms of features and design. Our mobile application development services company will listen to your individual needs.

We deliver without pumping out money

The budget for the mobile project is normally fixed. On demand, for new features, or integrations, we can revise it. You contact us and we’ll see how to reach your outcomes through mobile app services.

Project Budgeting

For our customers, we offer both bundled rate plans and individual rate plans for each separate software service. The bundled rates are set for each NEKLO developer and include the costs for ¼ time of a QA engineer, a DevOps specialist, and a Project Manager. A bundled rate is preferable if you are opting for a combination of our services or our all-inclusive services.

Extension Development for Magento

Our Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions and ecommerce solutions will become your easiest way for eсommerce store optimization. You can outsource software development to us or purchase a ready-made Magento extension at NEKLO Store.

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Along with our outsourced IT services, we’re eager to create helpful content. In our weekly blog articles and growth insights, you can learn about the features and peculiarities of the agile software development life cycle.

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